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Welcome to the Healing Matrix

Updated: May 17, 2021

Now, more than ever, people are searching for politics, religion, health, even life itself. For people over 40 we remember a time when things were much different. Some things accepted by the masses seem upside down, backwards, or just does not resonate within us. I'm here to state YOU are not going crazy.

Medicines, television, social media, Big Corporations, all levels of government, and our education system, have abandoned truth, encouragement, hope, family, and love. If we believe what we are being exposed to 24/7 our minds will be frozen with fear and isolation.

I could debate the notion that modern day medicine gives a negative frequency to the body. Yes, while some symptoms are being masked or transmitting neurons are being turned off (i.e. ibuprofen for headaches), the body is not void or lacking synthetic medication. Finding the root cause is important to expose and I think most would agree THAT isn't part of modern medicine today. The matrix we all are exposed to today is one run by the elite and not by the people.

Believe or open yourself to the fact that water has memory and it can be influenced by intent shown by Dr. Masuro Emoto and the secrets of the universe are to know frequency, sound, and vibration like Nikola Tesla stated. When you understand these facts along with your health begins and ends mostly with the microbes in the gut, mouth and brain then you are seeking real answers.

The last year has been one of a specific narrative - there is an invisible enemy that we are all in need to be tested and be protected. The protocol to be tested is one that has proven to be exaggerated at best and fraudulent results at worst. Dr. Thomas Cowan explains how the PCR test is and was never created to be a diagnostic test, but more for forensic science. The cycling or amplification of each test kit is at the mercy of the people in charge of the testing. Dr. Fauci is on record in an interview in the summer of 2020 stating that the cycling of the PCR specimen over 35 will result in mostly dead RNA fragments - false positive results and nothing could be spread by these people. So what did the CDC and WHO do? They mandated all tests to cycle at 40 and just like that... we had an unbelievable spike in positive tests in asymptomatic individuals. Please remember the reason why we closed and modified churches, restaurants, small businesses, schools, even country's economies - the positive PCR for coronavirus!

While Joe Biden was being sworn in as president, the WHO held a press conference stating they were reducing the PCR cycling from 40 back to 20 because of the number false positives...and guess what followed immediately? The number of positive PCR tests dropped approximately 70% over the next month. The joke is on us because now that the vaccine is here, PCR testing is not as relevant.

Now this experimental biological agent they call a vaccine with hardly any research is given to the masses based on false test results showing we need protection from an invisible enemy. Ok, this matrix tells us that vaccines are safe. If that is true, then why is there over 4.5 billion dollars that have been paid out from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program since 1989. Go ahead look it up! This program is based on the reporting of injuries and death due to vaccines over the last 32 years - the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) still tracks vaccine injury today, including Covid-19. In this report you will find details of age, state, co-morbidities, complaint, etc. regarding each reported adverse reaction. Detractors of this information will say that it doesn't guarantee that the adverse reaction was caused by the vaccine. I will argue the actual reporting is only a very small fraction of the actual cases as most hospitals, doctors, and laypersons either do not know about VAERS or are discouraged from reporting.

Can anyone dispute the cycling or VAERS information above? Can people dispute that most deaths are attributed to Coronavirus without looking at co-morbidities? The number of real deaths attributed to Covid-19 has been looked at by many experts with many questions, especially when there is financial motives for diagnosis ($13,000), ventilators ($37-39,000), and even death certificates. How about the financial motive for Fauci and Gates with this vaccine? That would be a blog by itself.

We want to give people a choice. Any free thinking individual should want true data and informed consent. People deserve that before making a health choice that may be life changing. Get the other side of the story in what I call our Healing Matrix -, Del Bigtree, Joseph Mercola, MD, Mike Adams, Sayer Ji, Simone Gold, MD, G. Edward Griffin, and dozens of others that put their careers, livelihoods, and life in jeopardy in the name of truth and informed consent. They will not be silenced or bullied to the point of shame or reclusion. We are here for those of you who resonate differently than what we are suppose to believe...we are here for those who want the red pill...we are here for those who want life, laughter, and love back in your hearts. We will live and not just be alive...we will run and fly with joy, positive energy, health and truth- join us!

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