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Working with Le Beau Health...

If you have a question, want to keep informed of new blog posts or to set an appointment, please submit your contact information on this page.

We do not take insurance...If insurance was the answer, there would be 95% less sickness. How many doctors have you seen? For how many years? We estimate that most of our patients have seen at least 10 doctors over 15 years before they find us. We are here to help you get to root cause of your concern, not just treat symptoms. 

What we tell you may shake the foundation of your belief system or confirm what your gut instinct has been telling you for years. Expecting a different outcome, doing the same old thing every year with the same results IS the definition of insanity. Try something different.

Cost of initial visit:

Unvaccinated $180 includes 1.5-2 hour visit with bioscan.

Vaccinated/Boostered $270...usually 2.5 - 3 hours visit, unless you are experiencing flu-like symptoms. then phone consult is best.

If you prefer a phone consult...

Phone Consultations:

15 min $90

30 min $125

60 min $180

All major credit cards accepted

Follow-up visits $120 

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Cost/Inquiry: Contact
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