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Happy Valentines Day...Love Never Dies

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Love is just as important to obtain a healthy body as a good diet or taking necessary supplements. I would argue that it is more important. The physical, mental, and spiritual parts of love, loving, and being loved are critical for correct balance of the energy field, auras, frequency, and overall health in the human body.

Music created at 528Hz (the heart frequency) creates a resonance in the mind, body, and soul which is one with the universe. Dr. Len Horowitz, Humanitarian Visionary, Medical Editor and Professional Educator states "I claim and evidence that “you are the music.” You are created and sustained by certain frequencies of music that I first made known to the modern world in 1998. More than the Solfeggio frequencies, my works have caused great controversies in music concerning 432Hz and 528Hz–both exceptionally-useful and beneficial “harmonics.” As a matter of fact, classical music prior to 1936 was based on the tuning standard of 432Hz. This was with resonance with the universe and well-being. The Germans changed the universal musical tuning standard for A of above middle C to 440Hz - A440 is also known as Stuttgart pitch. This was accepted in England then the United States including the start of the Beatles and more groups of the "rock and roll" era. Some parents and grandparents called this 'the music of the devil'. As it turns out, they were not wrong. Research shows that while 432 Hz is calming to the cells of the body and soul, 440Hz is disruptive, damaging, and is used in mind control experiments. Note that the old phone dial tone were set at 440 and when there were only a few TV stations, when a TV station ended its broadcast for the night the tone given was also 440Hz.

Even water can demonstrate "love". Dr Masaru Emoto, the Japanese scientist and water researcher, revealed the true nature of water and how thoughts and vibrations affect the molecular structure of water. In his years of water research, through high speed photography of thousands of water crystals, Dr Emoto has shown the most beautiful crystals are those formed after the water is exposed to the words ‘love and gratitude.’ The opposite is also true. If your intentions are anger and hate, the molecular structure of that water is one of ugliness and cancer-like. Since our bodies are over 70% water it's prudent to be positive, loving, and act with good intent. Some people that come to me are toxic because they have held onto anger, hatred, trauma, and are missing love in their lives. Doctors can treat the depression, anxiety, and other symptoms, but the root cause will not be cured by synthetic medications.

Music and water have demonstrated the way that love affects mind and about the soul? My favorite...If you believe in life after death and/or soul's contract, this is very interesting when it comes to ones' health. I believe the love we give or refuse to give in this world stays with us, not just throughout this life, but can live on... To quote from the movie Cloud Atlas:

"Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb we are bound to others, past and present; and by each crime and every kindness we build our future. It is our free-will we have been given that is our greatest gift and largest obstacle. Our courageous lessons we care to learn or refuse to engage molds our human personality".

This IS most important to realize as we celebrate Valentine's Day - hopefully we have found the ones we are most bound to, demonstrate love; an unconditional love that we all long for. While we can control only our own love, the hope that it is returned reciprocally, whether it be our pet, a family member, friend, or soulmate on a similar journey in our relatively short time here. Either way, when two souls feed and feel each other in this way, the body can be in no other state than working towards harmony, balance and health. Happy Valentine's Day!

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