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Your new life begins here. Le Beau Health is here to provide you with the support and tools you need in order to bring change, discover ROOT causes of illness, and reach the pinnacle of health.

What if, without medication, you could...

  1. eliminate pain

  2. sleep better

  3. lessen emotional stress

  4. think more sharply

  5. end bloating and weight gain

  6. improve your immune system

  7. strengthen your innate immune system

Evidence-based medicine demonstrates many autoimmune disorders starts with a failing immune system. If you’re used to having a suppressed immune system and treatment includes a pharmaceutical approach to your health and it’s not working, try something different. Build your immune system so that ALMOST NO CHRONIC DISEASE CAN SURVIVE. There are tens of millions of microbial genes in the human body but only 22,000 human DNA genes. That means our genetic make-up is 99% microbes!

Le Beau Health takes a holistic approach to autoimmune symptoms and illness, viruses, and disease.

Find out why our approach to health and sickness is different - Please Click on links below or browse menu options at the top of page.

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Polio, Thimerosal, and Antibody Response
Smallpox and the History of Vaccines
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